Here's just a small sampling of the people we have helped lead a better life.


“Dr. Val is amazing. I was in a lot of pain with mid-back issues after my pregnancy and she had me fixed in no time. I had never been to a chiropractor before, but my OBGYN recommended I try it and so glad I did. She helps with both soft tissue and realignment and makes you feel so comfortable with everything so can just relax and let her do her magic. Once I was fixed with main pain, she continued to help with some shoulder and trap tightness that I just thought was normal. My husband loves it because I do not ask for back rubs as much! I recommend to anyone with back pain or even just to keep from being in pain. I will be a regular now. She also makes lots of great recommendations for ways to improve overall, but is never pushy with anything. I learned a lot about how chiropractic work can really help with many issues even beyond back pain. Highly recommend!” Thanks Dr. Val!

- Andrea Barge and Baby Mateo


"We love Dr Val! I have been seeing Dr Val for a few months now and my neck and back pain has decreased significantly. She talks through each step of the treatments, really listens to my concerns and makes me feel comfortable with my treatment plan. My 3 yr old loves seeing her too! She is very patient with her.”

- Becky Stevens and Daughter Mary Stevens


"I do a lot of driving with my current job which really started doing a number on my neck and lower back. That's when I met with Dr. Val. Our first couple appointments were exploratory, as she took the time to get to know me and do some research on what was going on in my life and how my neck and spine were being affected as a result. Once she had developed our game plan, we got started with the adjustments. Almost immediately, my discomfort in the car had reduced. Dr. Val also equipped me with some new stretches and maneuvers to do at the gym, which really helped me in managing my neck and back discomfort in between our appointments. Both my wife and newborn son are now also seeing Dr. Val and we couldn't be happier with the care we receive."

- Scott Holloway


"I started treatment with Dr. Val the first week I found out I was pregnant. Not only did she keep my body feeling wonderful with adjustments, stretches, exercises and taping, but she also made me feel emotionally supported, and completely comfortable. Our three year old started going to see Dr. Val as well, and he loves it. Every time he asks, "can Dr. Val check me too?". She has become a key element in keeping our whole family feeling wonderful. Thank you Dr. Val."

- Michelle and Son Tilden